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A Life in Maps...

I wrote this album during a tumultuous year.  I was unhappy with what I was doing, and felt stuck in a world that I had centered on the idea of a brighter future.  When the time came to enact my plan, everything fell apart.  The ground moved from under me and I found myself somewhere completely different than I had expected.


I chose to call this album Kira’s Coming Soon not because I was chasing an imagined future I thought would make me happy.  I named it Kira’s Coming Soon because I was blinded by hope; banking on an idyllic future where everything worked and things played out as I imagined. 


I may be a dreamer, but I’m no fool.  Making this album has helped me realize a few things.  

Today, I feel the weight of the world more than ever.  We live in crazy times where alternative non-realities are somehow becoming true.  It’s only now that I realize we need something more than hope, we need courage in our disenchanted present. 


My message is clear – bank in courage and find yourself living in a real world.  Bank in hope and the world changes too fast to every fully realize anything.  Kira will always be coming soon - live in something more than the future.

Live courageously, get political.  Half of all album purchases will go to a cause of your choice.  This can be a charity, a statement, or an action you want to see done. 



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